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Monday, May 16, 2011

Fantasy Island Book Publishing/Eurovision / Terror Bomb Threat / IMF Boss (Strauss-Kahn) in US rape case / US reaches 14 trillian dollar limit /

Eurovision / Terror Bomb Threat / IMF Boss (Strauss-Kahn) in US rape case / US reaches 14 trillian dollar limit / Fantasy Island Book Publishing/ J Darroll Hall/ Thomas A Knight/ Alison DeLuca/ Clu Gallagher/ Claire Chilton/ Ceri Clark/ J.J. Makins / Connie J. Jasperson/ Marilyn Rucker Norrod/ Sandy Krolick/ Danielle Raver/ Gary Hoover/ Rachel Tsoumbakos/ Johanna C. Garth/ Kathleen Barker/ Johanna Garth/ Doug Sanburn / Connie J. Jasperson
BY CERI – 16/05/2011
I’d like to apologise to anyone following this blog for not posting in the last few weeks, gym memberships, writing, cover designing have all taken their toll on this blog!


I, like many Europeans were glued to the box on Saturday, (well I did fall asleep during the scoring, but that’s another story). Surprise surprise a former Eastern bloc country won. I’m not saying I didn’t like the song – I actually did - but it is getting a little predictable now. C’mon be honest who else noticed the gorgeous tenor from France with the amazing voice but the low scores?

Bomb Alert

Get rid of one Terrorist (Bin Laden) and another pops up. They’re like moles or buses or something. London has received a bomb threat and Buckingham Palace is to be closed as a result today. No device has yet been found.

IMF Boss in trouble

Another alleged assault happened over nine years ago but pressure was brought to bear on the writer to convince her to keep quiet. Now there is another alleged assault by the erstwhile boss. Some say it is a conspiracy, some say twice is not a coincidence. Who knows but it makes for interesting reading.

US Debt Limit

Today the US will reach their credit limit. Panic not my overseas friends, apparently this is not the crisis it looks but if nothing is done by Congress it soon could be. Then again, it is not like a mortgage or car. Can someone reposses the US?

Fantasy Island Publishing

My publisher, I love saying that, is growing still. They are in the process of bringing out the books as paperbacks. If you don’t have a Nook, a Kindle or you just love the feel of paper, then a whole world of imagination is about to appear before you.

FIBP has started a fan page on FaceBook, “like” us to stay up to date with our latest news releases! Fantasy Island Book Publishing on Facebook

FIBP will soon announce our first print editions. We have been attracting a variety of talented authors. Check out these great selections from FIBP’s catalog:

Apocalypse of the Barbarians; By Sandy Krolick PH. D.

Today there is a familiar sense of self-estrangement that haunts contemporary life in the West. The Recovery of Ecstasy gently and gingerly leads the reader to explore a different way of being in the world. With a detour through the central Siberian Steppe, and drawing upon aspects of Western thought that incorporate deep structures of primal life, the most cherished assumptions of Western civilization are laid bare. This work allows the reader to recover a feral experience of ecstasy resident in each of us – in our genome, so to speak.

Brother, Betrayed; By Danielle Raver

Oman, eldest and Anteria’s promised king, leads his brothers on their journey through Arnith. Fasime, driven by passion, seeks a life of romance and adventure. Syah, born the ailing youngest brother of these two outgoing princes, endeavours to overcome his bleak destiny through pursuit of knowledge and magic… a quest that may reveal unknown power within his own soul.

A tale woven with deception, war, sacrifice, and magic, BROTHER, BETRAYED takes readers to a troubled kingdom surrounded by barbarians, magical races, and forbidden boundaries.

Children Of The Elementi; By Ceri Clark

The powerful Elementi Empire spanned over a thousand years, its kings and queens loved and revered by their people and their elemental powers feared by their enemies. One fateful night almost a century ago, the Empire was destroyed by treachery and Magi illusion. All five heirs were thought to be lost… until now.

Ednor Scardens by Kathleen Barker

When the boob fairy makes an early visit in sixth grade, eleven-year-old Kate Fitzgerald is unprepared for the repercussions. Her puppy-love relationship with classmate Gabe Kelsey quickly blossoms. But her carefree days in Catholic school darken with the arrival of Father John O’Conner, a predatory priest with a hidden past. Life becomes even more tangled when Kate falls hard for Gabe’s darkly handsome older brother, Michael. The Kelsey boys couldn’t be more different: one is shy and self-effacing; the other is tall, athletic, and confident.

Emeline and the Muntants: By Rachel Tsoumbakos

Viruses used to create the cure mutated. They mutated in such a way that no one would have guessed. Something interesting happened instead. People were no longer predisposed to cancer and diabetes. They were now more apt to becoming a zombie, vampire, werewolf or a troll.

The Land Of Nod: By Gary Hoover

Jeff Browning is a teenage boy who, following the mysterious disappearance of his father (a brilliant physicist), finds a portal in his father’s office that transports him to another dimension.

The dimension is populated by fantastic and dangerous creatures and also an advanced society of humans. That society, while very different from those on earth, is oddly similar, in some ways, to the society in which Jeff grew up.

As Jeff looks for clues regarding what may have happened to his father, he is accused by some of being a spy while thought by others to be a prophesized figure . . . who may be the key to victory in a developing war.

Losing Beauty; By Joanna Garth

Child abuse, cross-dressing, theft, adultery- people in Persey Campbell’s town have terrible secrets. What she can’t figure out is why everyone is so desperate to tell her their worst secrets.

Daniel Hartnett is a lawyer who has it all. People think he’s lucky. What they don’t understand is Daniel has a gift that lets him hear the meanings behind other people’s words.

This modern retelling of the Persephone myth is the perfect book for anyone looking for a beach read this summer!

Miranda Warning; By Marilyn Rucker Norrod

Why is someone killing the band geeks of Richland, Texas? Miranda Beeling would like to know, since she is one of them.

Law grad Miranda Beeling is trying to recover from the recent death of her mother and the betrayal of her fiancé (an aspiring bigamist). She’s retreated back to her childhood home, trying to sort through her clutterholic father’s hoards of junk, despite his determined opposition. (Her mother’s ghost, who appears to her in dreams and is inclined to nag, insists she keep trying.) Miranda’s only enjoyable social activity is playing saxophone in the local community band. Her enjoyment ends when trombonist David Hu is killed, and bassoonist Louisa Parkinson, Miranda’s best friend, is first accused of the murder, then attacked herself. Motivated by concern for her friends and an inescapable feeling that she might be next on the victim list, Miranda decides to investigate the case.

Sofia’s Story, The Shattered Seeds; By Clu Gallagher

After the Third Reich shattered her life, Sofia abandons any ties to her own heritage. Now, facing death, worried about the disposition of her grandmother’s treasured quilt, the one item in her vast estate that she values most. To Sofia, the quilt is the embodiment of her childhood and a constant reminder of her beloved grandmother who had made the quilt and shared family stories as she caressed each patch lovingly. Unable to find a suitable home for the tattered blanket which means so much to her, she concludes that she must bury the quilt with her . . . until she meets Janene McDeenon.

A quilt – just patches of a German family’s life, worn soft by Time, but representing a lot more to its owner, “Sofie Simon”, now a famous author. Sofia had overcome life’s adversities by clinging to the traditional German values of her very sheltered upbringing in post WWI Berlin.

The King Of Egypt: By J. J. Makins

Raised a warrior, Tigris, crowned Nitiqreti, is the first female pharaoh. With a beauty that can bring men to their knees and a power that reaps respect from an army, she is prepared to take on any enemy. But, when a self-proclaimed king threatens to conquer her throne, Tigris is ready to declare war but could never be ready for what is about to unfold…

The Last Good Knight; By Connie J. Jasperson.

Swashbucklers, pirates, sword fighting courageous Knights and Fair maidens abound in The Last Good Knight. In the tradition of a Wilbur Smith and Michael Crichton’s Medieval block buster Timeline. Action abounds in this historical fiction account.

From slaying dragons, to rescuing the King’s Whore, to secret missions for good King Henri, no job is too big or too small for the Great Knight, Sir Julian Lackland. But what happens when the only one still willing to take on the bad jobs is too old to be doing them? How does a hero retire from the business of saving people?

The Night Watchman Express; By Alison DeLuca

Orphaned Miriam has always been terrified by the sound of THE NIGHT WATCHMAN EXPRESS as it hurtles by her house. The sound of the train gives her nightmares of an underground factory, and a laboratory where brutal experiments take place.

During the day she has very different problems. Her new guardians, the Marchpanes, have arrived with their son, Simon, to live in Miriam’s house. The Marchpanes are plotting to take over her dead father’s business.

As they are both strong willed and stubborn, Miriam and Simon develop an instant dislike for each other. They have to work together, however, in order to solve the mystery of what the Marchpanes are doing with Miriam’s inheritance.

Whatever became of the Squishies; By Claire Chilton

Carla Mainston is a rebellious purple teenager, living in the hygiene-obsessed, green-skinned colony of Derobmi. She’s been arrested on many occasions for crimes against cleanliness. Life is lonely and hard for Carla. She craves adventure and a new life – somewhere she belongs.

She lives on the planet of Dumfollab: A world with a misplaced history dating back millions of years. History was formed from the rubbish left behind, and today the planet is a melting pot of cultures and colonies.

Soon to be released from Fantasy Island Book Publishing:

Heather’s Heart by Doug Sanburn

The Rose Tower by Connie J. Jasperson

All of these books are available on Kindle and Nook, as well as for reading on any wireless device with a free Kindle / Nook download or app. Check out the complete Amazon catalog at :

Fantasy Island Book Publishing on Amazon

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