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Friday, September 18, 2009

J. Darroll Hall (Author)/ new sales record/ King/ Nora Roberts/ Ann Rice/ #1 bestseller/ Horror/ men’s adventure/ Erotica/ Books/ s

J. Darroll Hall (Author)/ new sales record/ King/ Nora Roberts/ Ann Rice/ #1 bestseller/ Horror/ men’s adventure/ Erotica/ Books/ soaring sales/ Sales Rank: #7,302 in Kindle Store (See Bestsellers in Kindle Store)
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I’ve recently had the honor and privilege to achieve something no one could have imagined in so short a period of time. My first book went up for sale on Amazon three days after Christmas 2008, just nine short months ago. In that time “Double Down Bounce: (DDB), How to make huge profits in a volatile stock market!” has soared to the number one spot and held it for twelve weeks in a row in three top business and financial categories, as well as the top fifty in three other related investment fields.
The wonderful news for me as a fiction writer is all my books have soared along with that books success putting me in a new record breaking mode of being the first self-published author to bring horror, and men’s adventure into the ranks of the great romance writers. Additionally, I have as well bested King, Roberts, Rice, and Laurell K. Hamilton, Charlaine Harris in book venues to which they have dominated for years. As a wordsmith I couldn’t be happier or prouder, add to that the fact that not a single one of my books (11 so far) has ever been professionally edited is icing on a tall cake that leaves me bouncing off the ceiling.
On a second vein, the great Authors I have studied over a lifetime and bore down on the last five years: Nelson DeMille, Ken Follett, M. Connelly, J. Patterson, and many others for mystery thrillers and to be ahead of them in overall book sales leaves me almost breathless. Follett sits at number 30 I’m at #31bestseller and have been as high as Number 1 bestseller a virtual tie. Nelson DeMille sits at number 61 putting me 30 spots ahead of one of his greatest works which I adore.
Now throw in: Cussler, for action adventure and Clancy for screenplays alone with the master of movies and visual media the recently deceased Michael Crichton. Then it becomes apparent to what a great and substantial degree those influences have had in forming my writing style, and the zest I seem to have for it. Add the great South African writer, Wilber Smith (the man has no equal) who can both turn a phrase, and add erotic adventurous sensual escapades with the sort of spiciness that does not allow you to lay the book down for a single moment. That is the basic foundation which guides me in writing ninety percent (fictional) of my books.

None of those areas are my true passion for the moment however, this healthcare debacle is foremost in my mind theses days. And for very selfish down to earth reasons, as well as the guilt I hold for supporting the former administrations failures in so many areas. I blindly supported the Bushes’ for far too many years, and fully left the party in 2006. The party had totally left the entire middle class, as well as throwing the seniors under a giant bus in the prescription drug scam Bush pushed down our collective throats. My 76 year old mother has been crushed financially by what that laws enactment created.
Imagine a paltry $600 dollars (an embarrassment for our nation) a month as your entire retirement, then you wake up one day, and the Bush administration has allowed Doctors, Insurance providers, and Pharmaceutical Companies to swoop in and take back a full 30% of those retirement earning for co-pays and annual deductions. Along with limiting the choices of acceptable plans you may choose from worse, worser and the worst!
The main result of this theft of senior’s limited funds was to place a greater burden on an already overtaxed middle class families; in higher property taxes and escalating healthcare premiums to now cover older retired low income seniors so they do not have to choose eating dog food or prescribed medicine. And we wonder why the GOP has shrunk to a party of zealots and fruitcakes. How many gun toting, bigoted, racist, t-baggers and Birthers can one party hold, obviously all of them? It seems to be an exclusive feature of the New and Improved GOP led by Sir Michael Steele.
What truly collapsed the stock market? The entire destruction of the American middle class! That is the plain and simple truth; let’s give back to all the families who paid whopping double digit bumps in premiums and higher co-pays; with no raises in salaries because of the higher burden on business’s overall. Now take all those people with great credit who were ruined when they discovered the 20 years of paid premiums were worthless after being diagnosed with any type of severe illness. Pull back all those families who filed bankruptcy over healthcares uncovered expenses and the economy would still be in boom times.
America can you not read the statistics over the last decade and see what the overall plan was. The GOP stood for ‘Government Of the Prosperous’, and the hell with the rest of you peons. We the ones who have, don’t want you as homeowners, we want you as lowly renters and mobile home dwellers. We will enact laws to stop you form registering to vote in heavily republican states. FACT: IF YOU LIVE IN A DEMOCRATIC STATE AN I.D. IS READILLY AVAILABLE, IF YOU LIVE IN A REPUBLICAN STATE YOU HAVE TO BRING AN ENTIRE HISTORY OF UNOBTAINABLE DOCUMENTS FOR ENTER INTO THE BUILDING.
Everyday millions of Americans now face a world where they cannot even get a FLU shot; healthcare providers may not give care to anyone who does not present a valid I. D. card and they in turn will give the FLU to there children and send them off to school. Where your children will be infected by this virulent strain called, The Swine! Do you get this America??? We will all be at risk for this new flu season because those who even want to pay cash cannot receive adequate healthcare or a common Flu shot.
This is what the Bush administration has left us all with in the stupid knee jerk over-reacted things enacted to “quote” ‘save us from the nasty terrorist halfway around the world.’ Indiana today made history, the Court of appeals struck down the “voter ID law’ as unconstitutional, and it so much is that, that it goes beyond the pale. ‘But’, and it is the biggest ‘BUT’ you will ever see in your life: You, your grandparents, and your children will not die from stopping the poor and disadvantaged from going in to vote in elections. They will die this winter when a third of the Indiana population which is poor, disadvantaged or cannot even use the lowly amount they get from unemployment to get a FLU shot without the proper ID.
Heed these words fellow Hoosiers, stop the poor from being able to get adequate healthcare and you may be sacrificing your own loved ones in the process. The phones nationwide should be burned up in order to changes these stupid laws that put all of us at risk during these infectious times. I have a 76 year old mother, and four toddler grandbabies to protect from unimmunized people. This will be the scourge that will kill a hundred times the number who died in 9-11 and I’m just talking about here in the Hoosier state. Nationwide the count may be in the millions this year.
But take heart that is less people we will have to insure and it will also drive down the rate of the unemployed. Of course the rest of us left alive will have the added burden of the taxes those poor dead people can no longer pay. Think of the boon to Social Security if we take out a few million a year over ten years. Opp’s that mean the ones left will have to share all the cost of the boomers, which may not be such a good plan after all… we already have a declining population and China and India on the way toward cleaning our future clocks in economy growth.
Now add to that all the stores who have furloughed workers and slashed inventories thereby allowing them to garner higher prices for fewer goods available this Christmas season. Does anyone think their stocks should be in retail trade good for the short term? Car dealers are expecting the worst winter sales sense the late seventies collapse under Jimmy Carter. Special thanks to the Republicant’s for killing “Cash for Clunkers,” which had millions of workers and suppliers at full steam for a couple of months. To darn bad that program did not last at least thru the new auto model cycles.
We as a nation are in the midst of shooting off every single toe we have, and will we have enough left to stand on our own when the self-inflicted gun battle is over. I think not, and if you do leave you’re hard earned money and retirement in the now over-inflated stock market and take the ride back down to the low eights, you are as nutty as head-spinning, out of serous meds Glen Beck of the dying Fox news channel. That brings me to my book, Double Down Bounce! I have predicted the market pretty darn well so far and kudos to all who took my cue on telecom and rode Sprint to a double digit ride on Monday. We profit taking riders live for that, and that was a nice 13% and record 8 minute super ride on a wave from heaven.
Those who followed the plan and caught the rebound wave off of the two remaining big players, AT&T and Verizon respectively in the latter part of the week know what power the principles of that book put in your trading strategy and tactical arsenal. Those who have not had the chance for the read, it will remain at .99 cents (all J. Darroll Hall books are under a buck now) up to the Holiday shopping season, or until I finalize the current literary Agency negotiations I’m involved with.
In the mean time take a look at the Dow chart going ballistic and the low trading volume driving it. It takes no rocket scientist to realize that this is a puffed up balloon ready to pop at a moments notice. The Dow was at 7500 and daily volume was at 5 to 700 million shares, we are now down to 125 to 200 million shares and close to the ten thousand mark. If you haven’t gotten it yet the big money players have cash out of the game and are well out the door to metals and other real commodities, now is the time to park daily and avoid the coming crash.
If the market hits the ten thousand and breaks thru expect a full retraction to the mid seventies before a new bull run. If it hits a hundred points pullback before 10K expect only a retraction to the mid eights before the bulls can rally again. If you rode my prediction up form the 7500 mark don’t lost the 25% gain you have achieved, park it for a short time and catch the next wave when the down turn is over. Gold is overpriced and will not sustain higher values unless the dollar crumbles to dust. Safe havens for now are real basic goods for resupplying the coming empty store shelves.
The hot areas to watch are the transport stocks, once supplies have dwindled and carriers have no good to transport that is the next area of major volatility. If you move to basic goods then it will be far too late, your next shift will be in retail, which will have record profits off sluggish sales due to higher prices with less labor cost to achieve the sales goals. Expect retail to tank in the first part of the year with empty store shelves and returns will be lower than in previous years due to lack of replacement goods.
Once the retrench is complete watch for lower unemployment numbers to be the leading edge of a retail rebound and large merchandiser will go big in a move to reach maximum market share. Expect Wal-Mart to lead this charge, its supply chain is so long and deep it will be the company to lead the surge back in retail goods, further crushing its competition. Be ready to move quickly back to stock in the volatile times for the good rides, volatility is our friend as profit takers and waver riders, not our enemy. If you do not understand the commodities market stay parked in cash for the highest returns. A low guaranteed interest is better than a 10 to 25 percent retraction of your hard won gains over the last six months.
Now let’s talk about that blustered (not my original word BTW) Max Baucus Democratic reprehensive of the nation’s insurance lobby to the tune of three million dollars (3,000,000.00) and believe it or not that is not even a blip on the radar of what big insurance is spending in the dark alleys of Washington and around the country. 50,000 employees furloughed to play town-haller’s and disrupt meeting or have a nice weekend sightseeing in the nation’s capital last weekend as disgruntled patriots. Add the head spinning Beckster’s and the gun-nut crazies along with the hoodless Clanners finally out of the closet and you have the core of the new Republicant’s, Michael Steele’s new GOP, Government Of the Prosperous.
Never has the nation been more at risk from the crazy wing of the right then now and it’s time to put a stop to this non-sense before more than just a woman of color get a beat-down at the “CRACKER” barrel! These gun toting crazies showing sings in the nation’s capital we left them home “THIS TIME” is far out there for even these nut baggers. My hope are the republican Senator from Indiana should begin to feel some heat shortly considering that the Hoosier state is next to last in cost and insurance woes for the nation. Surely the man can hear the roar of an unpleased electorate here clamoring for more cooperation than we have witnessed so far (which is zero).
Mr. Baucus and the republicant’s are handing 160 billion a year over to the big insurers, even more than they would have had the balls to ask for publically in these hard times. As a former used car salesman I fully know the game, you reset the goal post so far out of bounds that even a moderate compromise seems like a traded win for the losers (us the American consumers) and we all walk away happier. Wrong this time Mr. Baucus, what you seem to lack in understanding this time is the economy and what’s left of the waning middle class can no long afford these double digit rises in health insurance cost. Nor can employers compete with overseas companies who can produce goods for 20% less because of just the healthcare overburden we all collectively share today.
A rampant Flu season, on top of empty store shelves, followed by a five hundred point retraction of the major indices will make it seem like we are back to square one if we don’t act and fix this situation now. If Baucus gets his way another giant slice of the economy will go to nothing but big insurance which in the end produces nothing in return for the investments made into it. A further slide in the trade deficits will only make the dollar move faster downward and crack further a bad engine running on empty already, and with very little compression or horsepower behind it. GET SOME SENSE AMERICA BEFORE IT’S TO LATE…

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