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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Ceri Clark/Earthquake/ Tsunami/ nuclear fallout/ Connie J. Jasperson/ J. Darroll Hall/ Alison DeLuca/ J. J. Makins/ #1 bestseller/

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The earthquake, tsunami and problems with the nuclear power plant has put Japan in my thoughts lately. It really makes me think nuclear power is a fool’s way to get power. In this day and age surely we can harness the energy of the sun, wind and sea to power our lives? It might cost money and time but it would be worth it. Sure nuclear power is cheap, but then so is life when an area is ‘infected’ with radiation.

There are supposed to be so many fail-safes to stop reactors going wrong but there is always the unexpected – after all that is what the earthquake was or at least the magnitude of it.

News from Fantasy Island Publishing

Connie J. Jasperson’s new book “The Last Good Knight” has been received well and grows readership daily. Compared to the great Wilbur Smith in her action and bawdy prose, she will be one of the great writers of fictional adventures to come.

Alison DeLuca’s new book “The night watchman express” is soaring up the Amazon Kindle sales ranking and is a promising series to look forward to in the future.

J. Darroll Hall and his Fantasy Island Book Publishing brand is topping Amazon sales rankings all over the Kindle book rankings. The brands bookshelves and catalog are on fire at the moment.

Ceri Clark:Located in Wales In the UK, author Ceri Clark has the children and young adult market abuzz with her fantasy series “Children of the Elementi!” This book series is and will become the new “Potter” the entire world will fall in love with. This book series is profound, important, and masterfully written. Learn the name Ceri Clark, it will be a household name in a short time.

J. J. Makins has joined with her breakout book “The King of Egypt” is a breathtaking visual experience in all aspects of a literary work. Art, beauty, visually capturing, a must have on your bookshelf, if any written work can be prized this book is exactly that. Coming to Amazon Kindle March 12th 2011 “THE KING OF EGYPT” A NOVEL BY J. J. MAKINS A Fantasy Island Book Publishing special edition!
I would like to welcome Marilyn Rucker Norrod to our publishing group. Her book Miranda Warning was released on Amazon kindle yesterday March 26th, 2011 and soared into the bestseller list in hours. Welcome Marilyn...

Six number one bestselling books in only 12 months on Amazon Kindle: check our catalog for your favorite genre, it is growing daily. #1 bestsellers in: Thriller, mystery, stocks and financial, cooking& food, exotic cuisine, comedy &parody, and horror. ie=UTF8&keywords=J%20darroll%20Hall&rh=n:133140011,n:!133141011,k:J%20darroll %20Hall&page=1

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