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Friday, November 8, 2013

Hot New Bestseller Tiffany Grandstaff

A huge congrats to Tiffany Grandstaff and her new book 

Stop by Amazon and check it, you will be in for a real laugh. 

What’s worse than being a woman in a man’s world? Being a beautiful and smart one, that’s what. Still, twenty-nine is forever; at least it is for Tiffany “Bacon” Grandstaff - writer, author, reporter, model, mother, and teacher. She brings to life some of the hardest lessons and challenges facing Gen Y women and men. This single mother of three sons has encapsulated the reality of a world that is seemingly twirling down the proverbial toilet, all while giving her unique perspective as a modern common Queen (at least in her own castle). From her giving birth, holding down jobs, and the hurdles of the single dating scene, she sure has expert opinions and loves to share them on social media - even if it costs her a job as a local Features Reporter in Middle America. Sit back and enjoy some straight talk from a fish that is too big for her bowl – a woman who sees RED when told to “sit down and be quiet.”

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