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Monday, April 11, 2011

J. Darroll Hall/ American Idol/ Kate Middleton / Tiger Woods and the Masters / Ivory Coast / Chernobyl / Debt limit /Alison DeLuca/Connie J. Jasperson

J. Darroll Hall/ American Idol/ Kate Middleton / Tiger Woods and the Masters / Ivory Coast / Chernobyl / Debt limit /Alison DeLuca/ Connie J. Jasperson/ J. J. Makins/ Ceri Clark/ Claire Chilton/ Marilyn Rucker Norrod/ Clu Gallagher/ Julianne Carlisle/ Rachel Tsoumbakos/ Sandy Krolich / Gary Hoover

What a shocker last week! Pia Toscano’s elimination from Idol may have been one of the most unexpected vote offs in Idol history. However, apparently Pia has been getting a lot of interest from A&M as well as Interscope. This will probably not be the last time we hear from Pia.
Which designer will be making Kate Middleton’s dress? British Vogue is sponsoring a bridal issue in May in honor of the Royal Wedding, and they are featuring several designers. However, there are no plans to feature a McQueen dress, fuelling rumors that Sarah Burton might make Kate’s dress. And we hear that Sir Elton John and his partner will definitely be attending the event.
Breaking news form the Ivory coast today – Laurent Gbagbo was captured. However, now Outtara has to try and create peace in a country divided by civil war for over twenty years.
Extending the woes of the nuclear industry, it is the 25th anniversary of the explosion at Chernobyl. Already crushed by the recent events in Japan, nuclear plants must now field speculations that the disaster in the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant in Japan may reach Chernobyl-like proportions. Furthermore, it now appears that the “sarcophagus” enshrouding the Soviet nuclear facility is degrading faster than anyone thought, prompting Russia to demand $600 million from the international community for repairs.
Many Americans, and even many American politicians, fail to grasp the implication of even suggesting that the US defaulting on it debt. If Congress does not raise the debt ceiling, it could end up flattening the economy and damaging the country’s credit rating.

Connie J. Jasperson’s new book “The Last Good Knight” has been received well and grows in readership daily. Compared to the great Wilbur Smith in her action and bawdy prose, she will be one of the great writers of fictional adventures to come.

The Last Good Knight
Connie J. Jasperson

Alison DeLuca’s new book “The Night Watchman Express” is soaring up the Amazon Kindle sales ranking and is a promising series to look forward to in the future.

The Night Watchman Express
Alison DeLuca

J. Darroll Hall and his Fantasy Island Book Publishing brand is topping Amazon sales rankings all over the Kindle book rankings. The brand’s bookshelves and catalog are on fire at the moment.

The Night Watchman Express
Alison DeLuca
Located in Wales In the UK, author Ceri Clark has the children and young adult market abuzz with her fantasy series “Children of the Elementi!” This book series is and will become the new “Potter” the entire world will fall in love with. This book series is profound, important, and masterfully written. Learn the name Ceri Clark; it will be a household name in a short time.

Children of the Elementi special edition
Ceri Clark

THE KING OF EGYPT: Special edition.
Raised a warrior, Tigris, crowned Nitiqreti, is the first female pharaoh. With a beauty that can bring men to their knees and a power that reaps respect from an army, she is prepared to take on any enemy. Author J.J. Makins has written a fascinating look at one of the most beautiful and unknown rulers of Egypt.

Miranda Warning
Why is someone killing the band geeks of Richland, Texas? Miranda Beeling would like to know, since she is one of them.

Author Marilyn Rucker Norrod certainly knows her subject. A musician and an attorney, she has taken that background and spun a wonderful book with great characters and lots of humor as well as intrigue.

The Little Red Hound

Author Julianne Carlile has written a funny, touching story about hunting from the point of view of the little red hound.

All of these books are available on Kindle and Nook, as well as for reading on any wireless device with a free Kindle / Nook download or app. Check out the complete Amazon catalogue at : Darroll Hall

In the future, Something interesting happened instead. People were no longer predisposed to cancer and diabetes. They were now more apt to becoming a zombie, vampire, werewolf or a troll.
Rachel Tsoumbakos is a new addition to Fantasy Island Book Publishing. She lives in Australia, and she writes wonderful horror in Emeline and the Mutants.

Dr. Sandy Krolich is back, and he has rocketed to the top of the Kindle bestseller lists! Check out his new book, Apocalypse of the Barbarians:

If you love comic books or graphic fiction, or just great fantasy series, then check out Gary Hoover’s wonderful Land of Nod Trilogy, now available at Barnes and Noble for Nook:

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