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Wednesday, August 12, 2009


There it is, yes, I had the guts to use the words openly, and in public; what has been blazing around the nation in backrooms, churches, family rooms in whispers, and yes the World Wide Web, in BOLD CAPS. And now it has spread to “spontaneous,” town hall outbursts and civil unrest, of the type you see in third world nation states.
Here the country sits, in one of the worst situations it has ever faced, and all we are transfixed on, is how can we bring down The President of the United States, (POTUS) and maybe the entire economy with him. Are we really that crazy as to want to regain power at any cost? Regardless of; how many good Americans, we flush down the crapper with our greedy and self-centered goals and objectives of ‘party first, country last mentality?’
We call ourselves; pursuers of truth, protectors of the Constitution, unbiased patriotic dissenters’. We call ourselves, Christians, reborn or otherwise, and we put ourselves above all the others we drown out with our screams and chants of what has become lunacy at best, and pure disinformation at worst.
We are good foot soldiers in the tactics and strategies of the Karl Rove, Rick Scott, (representing big health interest) and all the other right and might of the correct side of life, The GOP! We march in lockstep, goose-stepping blindly and carry our silly ridiculous signs. I dared to say in that quote, what few will in a public venue; and I have a dare for you as well; go look in the mirror, see if what is in your heart matches what the God you say you worship believes in and teaches.
Look at your reflection and smile to yourself, do you feel the warmth of truth, or do you feel a deception to all that you say you stand for and believe in. Does it give you pause? If not then you are of no faith I could ever believe in. What is more important in your heart; take down this administration at the cost of life as we all know it. Set the entire nation back three generations of having to fight our way out of this morass that the past administration left us with.
If you have the guts let’s take this entire mess you are following in lockstep and break it down. Let’s pull apart the lies and distortions and shed some light of real truth as to what is happening, and who is whipping you into this frenzied nightmare. Do you have the guts to face it squarely, and still smile, saying to yourself you are good and righteous?
If you can do that, I truly know who you are; you are the special interest that would love to see the streets ablaze in riots and mayhem! You are part of the paid mouthpieces spewing forth the vilest venom, that wants to tear us as a nation apart, and for what? You have sunk so low as a power player party, that you have no other means but to crush the competition with lies and slight of hand disinformation. And hope you will be allowed the right to pick up the burned and scorched fragments, which are what will be left, of the nations people, livelihoods’ and existence as they once knew.
If you are one of the ones brave enough to see the truth, come with me, lets explore all the players and their interest, and in the end if you can look in that mirror and truly smile at yourself, and say I’m a damn fine human being and person as a whole. My country is more important than any party or affiliation I hold dear to my wallet or my heart. Then maybe you can be part of a renewed America, not a remade America out of the ashes of uncivil small-mob rule.
A small group of instigators are whipping up ever faction of disagreement they can possible find, and using unwitting citizens as their pawns to achieve a far broader goal. That group is; Karl Rove/ Rick Scott/ Rush Limbaugh/ Glen Beck/ Sean Hannity/ Fox news/ House and senate GOP leaders and mouthpieces/ Michael Steele along with party loyalist and underlings who strive to get out of the ditch through any means possible. And last, but oh, by no means least, is Sarah “splaying” Palin!
Splaying Palin, “no longer in the spot light Sarah,’ has just made the most insidious statement ever uttered by a human to hold a degree from an accredited educational institution. Quote from your own ‘spaced-out book’ rant: "The America I know and love is not one in which my parents or my baby with Down Syndrome will have to stand in front of Obama's 'death panel' so his bureaucrats can decide, based on a subjective judgment of their 'level of productivity in society,' whether they are worthy of health care. Such a system is downright evil."
You splay out this dribble of disjointed banter, like a parrot caught in a wood chipper, her wobbly up and down screeches, almost an irritant, to the ‘normal’ human ear. You may reach your, (18%) base of wing-nuts, who passion over you profusely, and lick your very words out of the air like a villainous lizard’s tongue pricking the air for fresh raw meat.
The look of a spray painted kabuki-doll face, never changing, regardless of the sportsman like, fishing, hunting, working, killing, (“We eat, therefore we hunt!’) Slaughtering; rather than pardoning, as other ‘important leaders do.’ In your hot, sexy school girl, vampy (trampy in your case) flight attendants, (no disparagement to actually, “Hot!” flight attendants intended) like appearance.
You; ‘Splaying’ out your garbage of lies; and who hears you’re ranting, other than the loony squad on Fox (not fair and certainly unbalanced) news? Millions of older seniors; issues ridden, and like the mother I care for, day and night. ‘The Alzheimer’s and dementia, with paranoia included patients;’ who just down-right lack the understanding, that you are in big insurances and vested interest pockets, type of, “You bet’cha” kinda gal.
You and your goon squad of ‘Neocons,’ gun tote’in to public arenas, jack booted, white hooded, scar ‘die cats, back room hick-ass hillbilly allies, who are only one tenth of one percent, (.01) completely dishonoring our fine nation and embarrassing us as a whole to the world at large. Your bigotry is showing Sarah and hanging out for all to see, and your bevies of backroom closeted fudge packers, Republi‘cant’s’ (Sarah ‘Pack’ers!) Are fooling… no one… my dear!
You and your evil followers; of witch and devil believing goon bots, are busted! You are racist’s, thru and thru, and what has your panties in a nasty bunch? That a brown faced family, lives in that beautiful Whitehouse in which the rest of us little peons hold so near and dear; and yes respectfully too in our hearts so collectively. ‘You people’ can’t seem to realize the rest of the nation is not with your collective; we are not right wing-nuts like you think. Conservative is no longer your, “Brand” you blew it in destroying the middle class of this country over the last eight years. And dismantling an entire class of workers and citizens; “Were the little people getting too uppity for your rich, (1%) and powerful new buddies?”
What is that broader goal: to make all Americans, (us, the little people) feel that only an affiliation with this sinking party of idea ‘republicant's,’ (the smaller GOP) and do nothings but play status quo; will give us a ride up the ladder of prosperity with all of ‘YOU’ (in time); if only we will give them back power… You and your entire coup are deranged if you think otherwise: Quote; “You may fool all the people some of the time, you can even fool some of the people all of the time, but you cannot fool all of the people all the time!!!” **More quote you Palinites, packers, and Neocons may want to keep in mind!
Let’s get to the nitty-gritty of this little group of despots, who seek to pull the collective wool over our poor, tired eyes once again. Let’s pull back the white pointed hoods and draw back the drapes of Oz lands; Wall street bankers, financial powerhouses, insurance monopolies, and transshipped job killing Baron’s of capital formation. Who only seem to lend to one another in these days of ‘their wholeness.’ That we the American peoples, have so kindly given them unselfishly, with the speedy help of the last administration cries to action.
Here is where we unmask the demons (Palinites) who infiltrate, disrupt and yes destroy; our common purpose of pulling ourselves out of this collective ditch, that the last administration so, ‘eyes-wide openly” drove us all into! And here is author J. Darroll Halls take on it all! Read it well ‘Palinites,’ because if that demon devil that you so believe in, does in fact exist, he may be chiseling a name plate on a very special sauna for all of you to enjoy, in all your wealth!
** “I am not bound to win, but I am bound to be true. I am not bound to succeed, but I am bound to live by the light that I have. I must stand with anybody that stands right, and stand with him while he is right, and part with him when he goes wrong.”
“These capitalists generally act harmoniously and in concert, to fleece the people”
These words by the founder of my former party Abraham Lincoln; the Republican Party, which no longer exist…
Words by former President Bush; “You can fool some of the people all the time, and those are the ones you want to concentrate on.”

J. Darroll Hall /#1 bestselling author/ Double Down Bounce/ CNN/ Cafferty/ healthcare scam/
Sarah “splaying” Palin, is a loony tunes; who needs to go back to witch exorcisms, health care is far over her shallow head to have the thoughts about it rattling around in the caverns of her empty brain cavity and spray painted-on face. Stick to basecoat/clearcoat face painting, hi-priced wardrobe, fishing and killing things in full make-up. Go save a turkey and let the lower 48 worry about quality healthcare. Quit scaring my 76 year old ill mother “Splaying Palin” she is Ill enough to believe you actually have something in your scatterbrained noggin…
Jack: Author J. Darroll Hall writes; Grass is for cows, roots are for pigs, and these protesters/disrupters belong wallowing right in the mix with those critters. This is a staged scam by con-artist Rick Scott of The famous healthcare Up- coding scandals at hospitals all across the country, he was ordered and did pay 1 billion plus in fines to stay out of jail. That cost in fines and fees were then up-loaded onto other customers to pay the fines in higher hospital charges.
The scammer is now back, and now Scott, with Karl Roves help and strategy including Fox news to erroneously report these disruptions as grassroots uprising, (A lie) is giving it to all of us again. His bogus company for “patient’s rights” (his pocket book) is strictly a sham on the American people. This guy belongs in jail not raping Americans healthcare dollars again in this new scam… Expose this creep for what he is… Kinda strange that Rove is on Scott’s site and vice versa, and you can get the playbook for these disruptions right from his site. Grass My…..
From #1 bestselling author Of Double Down Bounce J Darroll Hall writes in his financial mental health blog today: Quote “The healthcare debate is just as much about the economic debate, rising cost are killing us as producers of goods and product exports. We can’t make anything competitively with this added cost over-burden. Wake up people, reform now with a needed public options, and get rid of idiots like Rick Scott for good or don’t be surprised when you don’t have healthcare or a job…”

For Immediate Press Release:
#1 BEST SELLER* FINANCIAL MENTAL HEALTH AUTHOR: J. Darroll Hall weights in on the healthcare firestorm gripping Washington and the nation today.
Hall, who wrote the bestseller; Wealth Building 101, Book 1; “Double Down Bounce: How to make huge profits in a volatile stock market!” Which soared to the top of Warren Buffett’s own Intelligent Investor Club website in only 30 days** writes the following today!!
OP/ED: Financial Mental Health/ Myths, taken as facts/ Facts taken as myth; within debate!
The train wreck of health care; which has been unfolding endlessly on twenty-four news appears to be focused on the punches landed, and the ‘off the rails’ scattershot of policies within the various bills before a divisively split Congress; and not the real issues facing most Americans.
Not only is the GOP ‘party of no’ strategy; and tactic of ‘scaring the B’Jezis out of every constituent/ sector’, gaining ground. The caught-up, spin cycle Blue dogs, appear to be, just another weapon in the arsenal of republican tricks, which has POTUS’s want for effective reform not only weakened, but at the rate of disintegration the well funded health/insurance interest appear to be making out like bandits in new policies headed toward inclusion in a new legislative bill. This is happening while all the effective reforms are stripped away one after another.
POTUS may have won ‘boys night out’ at “Lager Fest 2009, the white house roundtable edition;” but the brutal pounding he is taking daily, which is stripping away approval points on every other opinion poll topic, seems a non-recoverable freefall, tarnishing his over all agenda of “Real change you can believe in!”
1. Less than one in ten, (1 in 10) Americans have a Cadillac plan which would cover all the cost associated with a catastrophic health crisis.

2. Less than two in ten, (2 in 10) Americans have an adequate plan which would cover 80% of the cost associated with a catastrophic health crisis.

3. Less than three in ten, (3 in 10) Americans have an adequate plan which would cover 70% of the cost associated with a catastrophic health crisis.

4. Medical bills are involved in more than 60 percent of U.S. personal bankruptcies, an increase of 50 percent in just six years, U.S. researchers reported Thursday.
5. More than 75 percent of these bankrupt families had health insurance but still were overwhelmed by their medical debts, the team at Harvard Law School, Harvard Medical School and Ohio University reported in the American Journal of Medicine.

6. Americans age 55 or older experienced the sharpest rise in bankruptcy filings during the 16-year period between 1991 and 2007, according to a report released by AARP, "Generations of Struggle." The rate of personal bankruptcy filings among those ages 65 or older grew by 125 percent, while the bankruptcy rate of seniors ages 75 to 84 jumped a stunning 433.3 percent.

7. Using a conservative definition, 62.1 percent of all bankruptcies in 2007 were medical; "Most medical debtors were well-educated, owned homes and had middle-class occupations, but found in the end they were ‘woefully inadequate’ in insurance coverage.”

8. 92 percent of these medical debtors had medical debts over $5,000, or 10 percent of pretax family income!

9. A whopping 87 percent of workers of those diagnosed with catastrophic illness, which in changing jobs are considered uninsurable, by their new employer and the healthcare monopoly! The black-hole and dirty little secret of big insurance; ‘preexisting conditions.’

10. Retired seniors earning less then $800 total S. S. benefits as their only mean of support, spend 40% on health care co-pays, and fees as a ‘subsidy’ (payoff) to health care and big insurance as a whole.
“The real truth of Obama’s push; is what has happened to productive middle class jobs in America, and the entire collapse of the manufacturing sector as a percentage of GDP. The over burden of healthcare cost for employers who can no longer compete on a level playing field with manufacturing giants like; Germany, Great Briton, and Japan ahead already; even France and Italy are on target to outpace us overtime, if these crushing cost continue to rise at such a rapid percent of cast that healthcare inflation is creating.”
“Patient outcomes, dollar for dollar, in medical care has under-preformed the industrial nations as well. Leaving U S citizens paying more and getting less in real medical outcomes; and leaving us as “third world status” in far too many of health’s related statistical database numbers, i.e. infant mortality rate etc…”
“What the POTUS is missing, is the opportunity just laid in his lap by the GOP pushback itself. That effective tactic has placed the economy on the front burner again and on the highest heat setting in the American psyche. “It’s the economy again… stupid!””
“Thirty five (35%) say it, (the economy) is the most critical issue and problem in American’s lives, followed by ending the War in Iraq, (21%, a major champagne issue and promise) and health care coming in at a dismal eight percent (8%). The POTUS must change strategy and tactics; bringing in the “big economic guns” before the American people in an economic summit environment. To finally address the true crisis and lack of economic growth that the over burden of health/insurance sector, inflation and growth are doing in exploding American jobs, lifestyles, saving, bankruptcy rates, while vaporizing the middle class.”
“Until the public overall; can understand this crushing burden to real growth, we are all just hopping onto each newly inflating balloon of wall streets making and waiting for the next needle, (downturn) to prick it’s over inflated shell of a skin.”
“My book; “DOUBLE DOWN BOUNCE 1 (How to make huge profits in a volatile stock market”) (Kindle Edition), lays out strategies to overcome these balloon deflations, and hold investment saving and gains in hard tough time, like we experience today. Even realizing gains: that quote; ‘J Darroll Hall - Investment - The world's greatest investor Warren Buffett says “that he (Hall’s book) can earn you 50% profits per year”) I will add to that, the health care cost over-burden is increasing so rapidly in a compounded way, that no rate of return can keep pace in the long run.”
“If we don’t address this health care crisis once and for all, my opinion is; “The sky will fall,” like those over-inflated bubbles on Wall Street, with it’s skin covering us, and smothering us in unproductive burden’s, which cannot be overcome or sustained under any circumstances whatsoever over the long run.” The US government is the only entity large enough, and who can correct this massive uncompetitive disadvantage the American people suffer from today!”
“Job’s, productivity, industrial output, trade positive exports, technical innovation and superiority, and a productive middle class, which can purchase good and services with disposable income, and steering us back to prosperity and out of the economic ditch we’re in can never overcome this default in our overall strategy as a nation.”
“The ‘small business engine’ has received a six trillion dollar hole blown out of the engine block, by the loss of home equity loans to open new small business’s and hire new productive worker. If this gapping hole in our ability to have real horse power behind any true recovery is not corrected and plugged now, then no changes around the edges of big healthcare, insurance, and Pharma, will help at all in this.”
“Wall Street and AIG’s reckless actions have left no compression or power in small business engines to speak of, and without a new way for creative, and inspired entrepreneurs to leverage assets, (home equity) and open up new ideas, product launches, etc… we are lost as the ‘number one innovator in the world’, for at least this new generation, if not for many more to come.”
Author J. Darroll Hall, of the “Wealth Building 101” series on Amazon kindle! Number
“This crisis is far bigger than one’s faced by Kennedy, Nixon, Carter, Reagan, (my hero) and even Bush with the 9-11 tragedy. Yet, it is being treated as ‘too many broken parts’ in the blown ‘economic engine of small business’, to be addressed right away. Where is the “call to crisis mode,” from all these ‘Brightling’s’ (Tsar’s) in the new Whitehouse? Where is the group of economic mechanics, gathered at; Tsarsfest 2009’s; let’s fix the entire ‘blown engine’ party now roundtable summit?”
“We need to wake up; and dismantle the small business engine and reassemble a newer, leaner, and lighter, high-horsepower, healthcare included optioned; 440 V8 with two holly double pumpers (FED and Treasury) blowing gas (cash) full speed into every economic cylinder of that new engine. Throw in some nitro fuel, (0% interest loans directly to entrepreneurs on just a signature) for anyone who will risk it all on a new idea, opening a new business and hiring people.
“Throw in a jet 'afterburner’, (no taxes of any kind for twenty-four months on all new hires…) the unemployment rate would go to zero in months… not years. The upsurge in wages and consumer spending would flood the market for new goods and services for all these new green shoot companies, creating an upward cascade effect. And yes, maybe some inflation, causing the fed to raise some interest rates to tamp it down, (no need to over-rev a new, more powerful engine!)
“Were in a G.D. crisis folks, look at the auto as a whole (that is America), new tires, (roads) , new alternator (wind farms and energy), new battery, (wall street bailouts) and more new hang-on engine accessory’s etc… out the ‘stink hole’ (rotting, and decaying economic outlook of average Americans). Fix the damn motor (economic engine) first, ‘nothing will move along without the horsepower to drive it.’ The other nice new parts can be put on the stalled car once it is on the move… WAKE UP TSAR’S, EARN YOUR KEEP, LEAD, FOLLOW, OR GET THE HELL OUT OF THE WAY AND RESIGN!!!!”
My thanks to you for giving me a new book Idea: “How 100 Tsar’s can’t screw one new light bulb in without a socket!
Author J. Darroll Hall, of the “Wealth Building 101” series on Amazon kindle; and Number one (#1) bestseller on; Warren Buffett’s Intelligent Investors Club website for investment mental-health related recommended read’s:
Reproductions and use are authorized by the Author of this written work product for valid news organizations/ and or Whitehouse use only. All other copyright implications* remain in full force ©2009 J. Darroll Hall,, (website and blog) and Fantasy Island Book Publishing respectively.
*©2009 All rights reserved. No part of this writings, or work manuscript may be used or reproduced in any manner whatsoever without written permission as expressed above, except in the case of brief quotations embodied in critical articles or review. For information contact the author at:

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